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What's HAMS?

We connect Applied Math students across the school

The Harvard College Applied Mathematics Society (HAMS) is dedicated to bringing AM concentrators and students interested in AM together in a welcoming and active community, through both social and academic events. We aim to promote the research and application of mathematics through education, recognition and relationship-building between peers, professors and career professionals. We encourage exploration at the interface of mathematics and a diverse set of fields, bringing together students of all quantitative disciplines. We work closely with the AM department, and serve as a liaison between AM students and SEAS.

For (Potential) Concentrators

Why Concentrate in Applied Mathematics?

Are you interested in economics, computer science, biology, chemistry, statistics, or linguistics, yet also want to study advanced mathematics? The Applied Mathematics concentration at Harvard College allows you to combine your mathematical skills with one or two specific areas of application, providing a unique opportunity for students to bring together their academic interests and do highly interdisciplinary work.

Declaring Applied Math for your Concentration:

Throughout the fall semester, HAMS will be hosting several events aimed at informing sophomores about the Applied Math concentration. We want all potential concentrators to be fully prepared for the AM course track, and these events are opportunities for sophomores to ask for advice from their peers and AM faculty about the future academic course-load, opportunities within the department, as well as getting to know the community.

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Concentration Requirements

Areas of Application


We run a variety of events throughout the year. Be sure to like our Facebook page to stay up to date!

Sophmore Declaration Social

Date: November

SibFam Kick-off

Date: Beginning of fall & spring terms

Career Panel Series

Date: Throughout fall term

AM Thesis Q&A

Date: March

Research Series with Professors

Date: Through spring term

AM Study Breaks & Dog Cafes

Date: Throughout the year

SibFam Info

The purpose of the Applied Math SibFams Program is to foster a closer sense of community where you will be able to meet other Applied Math concentrators with similar interests. The SibFams aim to bring together and establish small groups of Applied Math concentrators with similar areas of application as family units so they can get to know each other, hang out, and build a support network. Through a partnership with the Applied Mathematics department, HAMS matches and sorts newly declared concentrators into these families. Currently, HAMS hosts several major social events per semester for these AM families, through which we aim to make it a program that is both fun and rewarding for all involved. Additionally, we have funding available to support smaller get-togethers within individual SibFams.




Chem / Physics / EPS


Social Sciences

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Email us at harvardams@gmail.com and like our FB page to stay up to date!

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